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Relying on spatial temporal computation and multi-dimensional perception technology, reshaping industries, reshaping life

Cloudpick Singapore Pte Ltd., established in 2017, is a cross-region company providing digital intelligence upgrade solutions for multiple industries, with its own branches in three countries.

Cloudpick is committed to using core technologies such as computer vision, machine learning, multi-sensor fusion, etc., through its proprietary behavior recognition and object recognition algorithm engine, to provide solutions that improve operational efficiency and enhance the happiness of human.

In the retail industry, Cloudpick provides customers with a new shopping experience of "grab and go, frictionless payment," helping physical retailers create highly digitalized, intelligent, cashier-less smart stores.

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Cloudpick Global Community

To date, Cloudpick has deployed more than 700 AI smart unmanned store solutions globally, entering 30 countries including Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Germany, France, Hungary, UAE, New Zealand, Canada, the USA, etc.

  • Avanti Unmanned Store

  • Ahold Philly/Ahold Carlisle

  • Shop.box

  • Sunny Store

  • emart24 Store

  • Le.Pick Edmonton Airport

  • Auchan Go

  • Quickpick Store

  • FairPrice Smart Store Pick & Go

  • NTT DATA Store

  • Wepick Stores

  • Fujitsu Store

  • Suning Stores

  • Oman Oil E-Dukkan

  • Aye Smart Store

  • Migros Store


Cloudpick's purpose is to use leading technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT, big data, to promote premises to operate more intelligently, helping people live more comfortably. Cloudpick's mission is to liberate people from mechanical and repetitive work through relentless product and technology innovation, engaging in more creative and higher value-returning work.

Jeff Feng

Founder and CEO of Cloudpick


Hear from our teammates

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    The company's products are exploratory in nature, with promising prospects, and we deeply believe that what we do has the potential to bring about societal change to a certain extent.

    Fay | Senior Applied Scientist
    Has been worked for 4 years and 8 months.

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    Respect, trust in employees, providing many learning opportunities, enabling us to acquire various knowledge and grow rapidly.

    Hugh | Senior Applied Scientist
    Has been worked for 9 months.

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    Industry and technology are very cutting-edge, the company and the team are very open, international cooperation on a global scale, highly diverse culture, and strong inclusivity.

    Maggie I HRBP
    Has been worked for 7 months.

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    Exploring the implementation of cutting-edge AI technology in traditional industries with colleagues who have interesting souls.

    Jay | Product Manager
    Has been worked for 2 and a half years.

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    The company provides each of us with plenty of freedom and support to "unleash" our potential in expanding our customer base.

    Doria | Sales
    Has been worked for 2 months.

  • "When I discovered a technology that allows consumers to automatically complete payment as they leave the store, I suddenly realized that this would solve a long-standing shopping pain point for people."

    Alex Ng, Founder of PICK & GO

  • "Box Mart, an automated stores achieved frictionless payment with employee cards, significantly reducing labor costs, while Cloudpick's SaaS system enhanced the store's digital management capabilities, bringing satisfaction with precise marketing."

    Mike Tunes, Migros Smart Store Operation Manager

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Ready to become a digital pioneer with Cloudpick?


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