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Cloudpick AI Unmanned Store

Replace simple, mechanical, repetitive manual cashiers with AI technology, avoid queuing, achieve 7×24h all-weather business


Reshape offline shopping experience with unperceived payment

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    Scan QR code or swipe cards to enter store

    No need to queue for manual cashier, no need to scan barcodes for self-checkout, AI recognition, pay by walking out the store

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    Customers can take or put the products back like shop in a regular store

    Become a member as soon as you enter the store, 100% membership rate; Combined with customer full lifecycle management, carry out personalized, intelligent marketing; Integration of online and offline, achieving omnichannel sales

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    AI behavior and product recognition system, automated checkout when leaving store

    Unmanned, easily achieve 24h business; Real-time inventory, automatically procurement based on sales

Use digital technology to help stores reduce costs and increase efficiency

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    Frictionless payment

    Based on 3D machine vision, deep learning, multi-sensor fusion, and other technologies, combined with Intel i3/i7/i9 edge servers and OpenVINO, Media SDK, and other collaborative optimizations, achieve low latency, high throughput rate of image processing and action behavior recognition, accurately identify customer shopping behavior and product types, automatic deduction when customer leaves, eliminating manual cashier

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    Remote control of store

    No need for manual attendance, store owners can understand the store's operation anytime, anywhere, further extending business hours without increasing manpower costs

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    Product sales insight

    Based on massive consumer behavior information accumulated in stores and big data analysis, understand the interaction and conversion rate performance of each SKU and consumer, gain insights into consumption preferences and trends, help optimize product structure, shelf display, and streamline design, increase store sales

  • "Cloudpick's technology allows our customers to never have to queue for checkout again, while also enabling our store to easily operate 24 hours without the need for long hours or overtime from staff."

    Alex Ng, PICK & GO Founder

New Retail Intelligence Revolution White Paper

Precisely target audience based on user tags, generate personalized marketing plans online, push event information through App/Mini Programs, increase per customer transaction value and revisit purchase rate


Ready for a more relaxed and efficient way of operating?
Ready for a more relaxed and efficient way of operating?


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