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Corporate Headquarters Unmanned Store Solution

Payment via staff cards for convenience and efficient welfare delivery


Advantages of Unmanned Stores in Enterprise HQ

  • Automated Checkout

    Filling the void of convenience stores, our "grab and go" approach eliminates queues during peak times, enhancing employee service

  • Streamlined Operation

    Provide 24/7 service with minimal staff, meeting the needs of night-shift workers

  • Personalized benefit distribution

    Employees can shop with staff or meal cards in-store, or order online for offline pickup, reducing the workload of distribution while diversifying benefits for higher satisfaction

Core Functions Offered by Unmanned Stores in HQ Buildings

  • Contactless payments

    Enter the store via facial recognition/QR codes/cards. AI cameras can track shopping behaviors and product information. Upon selection, customers can exit through the gate for automatic settlement. This can lower labor cost and enhance checkout efficiency

  • Restocking Alerts

    Real-time updates of shelf status. Alerts will be triggered when inventory falls below the threshold number, preventing empty shelves

  • Integration of Staff ID Card

    Allow diverse payments including staff ID cards, facilitating personalized employee benefit distribution

  • Intelligent product selection

    Utilize accumulated data on consumer behaviors and big data analysis to understand employees' preferences and trends, aiding in optimizing product offerings

  • "As a technology company, we pursue innovation and firmly believe that this AI + digitalization + intelligent format will become a trend in the future retail industry."

    From Wind Information Co., Ltd.

Ready to explore the same unmanned store solution?
Ready to explore the same unmanned store solution?


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