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Cloudpick Store Digital Management System

Data-driven, achieve business process automation, decision intelligence, remote control of store at any time; Automatically set task priorities, evaluate execution effects, significantly reduce costs and increase efficiency in store operation


One-stop intelligent software system, fully empowering store operation

  • Store operation system

    Automated operation, unmanned, remote control can easily achieve 24h business

  • Purchase, sales, and inventory intelligent replenishment system

    Automatically trigger out-of-stock reminders, one-stop solution for purchasing, sales, inventory, finance

  • Big data analysis system

    Product sales, customer pick-up and put-down, shopping heat map, marketing effectiveness, and other multidimensional reports drive store manager's scientific decision-making

Revolutionize cost reduction and efficiency increase

  • Store operation automation

    Remote control of store with shelf inspection, misplaced warning, out-of-stock reminders, easily achieve blind-spot-free store management

  • Inventory management intelligence

    Covering out-of-stock reminders, inventory counting, product transfer, intelligent purchasing, one-stop solution for purchasing, sales, inventory, finance

  • Store operation digitization

    Generate multidimensional analysis reports on product sales, marketing effectiveness, shelf heat map, assist store manager in efficient, boost scientific decision-making

  • Consumer management refinement

    Based on 360° customer profile, lifecycle management, customer group management, efficiently activate store traffic

  • Promotion precision

    Diverse marketing plans, flexible decision trees, extensive tool systems, concerted efforts to achieve automated, personalized marketing, bringing more sales

  • Personalized content-based marketing

    Based on 360° customer profile, automatically play related content on screens, speakers, light strips, and other digital touchpoints, leveraging full-scene immersive experience to stimulate potential consumer desire, bring more sales conversion

  • Our Box Mart automated store has implemented frictionless shopping using employee cards, and the real-time online operating system has eliminated manual paper-based operations, significantly reducing our workload.

    Mike Tunes, Migros Smart Store Operation Manager

Ready to transform traditional stores into easily managed digital stores?
Ready to transform traditional stores into easily managed digital stores?


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