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Cloudpick Partner Alliance

Share cutting-edge digital solutions, jointly opening up the trillion market

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Why Choose Cloudpick

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    Huge Digital Dividend

    In the post-pandemic era, 90% of enterprises are undergoing digital transformation, seizing the trillion-level market opportunity

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    Leading Technology and Products

    Using leading multi-dimensional perception and spatial-temporal computation technology, helping stores disrupt traditional operations, achieving significant results

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    Flexible Scenario Applications

    Applicable to different scenarios under ten major industries such as retail, corporate services, government, etc., with huge development space

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    Mature Commercial Deployment

    Already serving hundreds of well-known enterprises in 30 countries, deployed 700+ AI smart unmanned stores, receiving rave reviews

How to Become a Cloudpick Partner?

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    Partnership Application


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    Negotiation and Signing


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    On-site Training


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    Project Delivery


Partner System

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    Strategic Partners

    Providing technical support or ecosystem resources, continuously improving product solutions

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    Service Platform Partners

    Providing customer development, consulting, implementation, maintenance services, ensuring solution deployment

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    Channel Partners

    Having resources, helping with market expansion

Partner Support

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    Product Support

    Various smart IoT devices
    Back-end management system

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    Technical Support

    7×24h technical consultant
    Related technical training

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    Material Support

    Online and offline material design

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    Marketing Support

    Online media promotion
    Offline exhibition promotion


Application Qualifications

  • Company Entity

    Having an independent legal representative, good business reputation

  • Team Size

    Having a full-time team of no less than 5 people

  • Customer resources

    Possessing merchant resources, enterprise resources, commercial district resources, and more

  • Promotional Ability

    Having certain B2B promotional experience

Ecosystem Partners

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Apply to Join Cloudpick Partner Alliance

Seize the digital blue ocean market together, sharing trillion increments
Seize the digital blue ocean market together, sharing trillion increments

Apply to Join Cloudpick Partner Alliance


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