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Community Unmanned Store Solution

7×24h operation, helping to create a 15-minute convenient living circle


Community Unmanned Store Solution Advantages

  • Automated Control

    Online access to store operation status and sales situation anytime, anywhere, automatic reminders when approaching stock shortage thresholds, achieving higher efficiency with less manpower

  • 24/7 Operation

    Easily achieve 7×24h operation with unmanned cashiering and unmanned operation, meeting residents' immediate consumption demands at any time, avoiding difficulties in recruiting night shift staff

  • Closest Touchpoints

    Shopping places within walking distance are everywhere, making it more convenient, with brand merchants close to consumers' living circle.

Community Unmanned Store Solution Core Functions

  • Frictionless checkout

    Using QR code or credit card to enter the store, AI algorithm accurately identifies shopping behaviors and product categories, automatic checkout customers when they exit the store gate, improving checkout efficiency while solving the problem of lacking of cashiers

  • Ultra-Low Theft

    Supports misplacement, items in bags, with an order accuracy rate of up to 99.9%, and timely pushes alert information for abnormal behaviors

  • Out-of-Stock Reminder

    Real-time update of shelf status, automatically sends replenishment notifications when product quantities fall below a preset threshold, timely restocking to avoid empty shelves

  • "The container-style smart store is very flexible, can be quickly put into use, and thanks to various digital tools, operation has become simpler and more efficient."

    Kende Operation Manager

Ready to get the same Community Unmanned Store Solution?
Ready to get the same Community Unmanned Store Solution?


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