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Cloudpick Computer Vision Coolbinet

Easily accessible "mini AI unmanned store," solving the last 10 meters shopping needs


Reshape offline shopping experience with unperceived payment

  • rudian2.jpg
    Scan QR code/Swipe card to open door

    Support multiple pruchasing methods, can shop without a phone or card

  • rubao.jpg
    Take products or put back as you wish

    AI camera dynamically recognizes pick-up and put-down behaviors and product categories

  • jiesuan.jpg
    Automatic checkout when closing door

    Close the door and go, automatic payment and order generation

Mini AI unmanned store, leveraging small investment for greater output

  • 9-471.jpg
    Efficient restocking

    Easily check inventory on mobile/PC, timely restocking reminders, synchronize shelf status updates after restocking

  • zhihuiyunying-562.jpg
    Smart operation

    Combine sales data analysis, precisely optimize product selection and display, settle private traffic, manage full lifecycle of store members

  • quanlei-460.jpg
    All-category sales

    Compatible with 90% of common categories like beverages, snacks, daily necessities, freely adjustable shelf height for maximum space utilization

  • linghuo-806.jpg
    Flexible Location Selection

    Less investment, smaller footprint, broader application scenarios, including offices, office building lobbies, malls, gyms, tourist attractions, transportation hubs, hospitals, schools, hotels, libraries, etc.

  • "By deploying smart coolbinets in canteens, dormitory buildings, playgrounds, teaching buildings, and other scenarios, we can respond more quickly to the daily consumption needs of teachers and students, while also gaining more income. And through digital management tools, daily ordering and restocking can be more targeted."

    National University of Singapore

Ready to penetrate the vast consumption market of the "last 10 meters"?
Ready to penetrate the vast consumption market of the "last 10 meters"?


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