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Industrial Park Unmanned Store Solution

Fully digitalized retail format, accelerating the smart upgrade of workplace


Workplace Unmanned Store Solution Advantages

  • Automated Cashiering Process

    Avoid peak hour queues with the "grab and go" shopping experience, reducing potential spend loss

  • Less Manpower in Store Operation

    Ensure 24-hour operation of the store with less manpower, easily meeting the consumption demands of office employees

  • Smart Workplace

    Accelerate omni-channel integration with online stores, in-store shopping screens, unmanned delivery vehicles, etc., assisting in the smart transformation of workplace services, enhancing the technological attributes of the workplace

Workplace Unmanned Store Solution Core Functions

  • Frictionless checkout

    Using QR code or credit card to enter the store, AI algorithm accurately identifies shopping behaviors and product categories, automatic checkout customers when they exit the store gate, improving checkout efficiency while solving the problem of lacking of cashiers

  • Remote Store Control

    View operating data, adjust prices, set activities, etc., online anytime, anywhere, with out-of-stock reminders triggered when product quantities fall below a preset threshold, enabling precise restocking

  • Empolyee Card Integration

    Employees can pay with company cards, offering more diverse payment methods

  • Sales Channel Integration

    Omni-channel sales based on online stores and in-store shopping screens, and expanding service radius with unmanned vehicle delivery, achieving greater economic benefits

  • System Compatibility

    The store system can be integrated with other systems within the park, reducing the migration threshold for the park in its digital transformation, and responding to the policy calls for building smart parks and smart cities

  • "Our Box Mart automated store realized invisible payment with employee cards, and the online real-time operating system eliminated manual paper operations, greatly reducing our work time."

    Mike Tunes, Migros Smart Store Operation Manager

Ready to get the same workplace unmanned store solution?
Ready to get the same workplace unmanned store solution?


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