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CBD Unmanned Store Solution

Replace simple, mechanical, repetitive manual cashiering with AI technology, eliminate queuing, and achieve 7×24h operation


CBD Unmanned Store Solution Advantages

  • Efficiency doubled with millisecond-level checkout

    Avoid peak hour queues with the "grab and go" shopping experience, attracting more fast-paced white-collar consumers

  • Unique Offline Experience

    Create a differentiated shopping experience with more precise product selection and personalized AI interaction, attracting white-collar consumers who seek brand resonance and have certain purchasing power, without fear of competitive pressure in CBD scenarios

  • Digital Membership Management

    Become a member as soon as you enter the store, and provide a precise marketing system covering the entire lifecycle of the user, facilitating more sales conversions

CBD Unmanned Store Solution Core Functions

  • Frictionless checkout

    Using QR code or credit card to enter the store, AI algorithm accurately identifies shopping behaviors and product categories, automatic checkout customers when they exit the store gate, improving checkout efficiency while solving the problem of lacking of cashiers

  • Precise Marketing

    Based on customers real-time shopping data, personalized marketing content is automatically pushed through digital touchpoints in the store

  • AI empowered In-store Interaction

    Based on AI algorithms to understand customer behavior, and through screen, sound, light strip, and other audio-visual-electric systems to trigger interaction, creating a differentiated offline shopping experience

  • Smart Product Selection

    Based on massive consumer behavior information accumulation and big data analysis in stores, understanding the interaction and conversion rate of each SKU and consumer, insight into consumer preferences and trends, assisting in precise optimization of product selection

  • "On the first day of the trial operation of the 'Future Store,' we attracted a large number of white-collar consumers from the surrounding area to check in, and we already chose a location for the second 'Future Store' at that moment."

    CEO of Alldays

Ready to get the same CBD Unmanned Store Solution?
Ready to get the same CBD Unmanned Store Solution?


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