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Cloudpick Moby Mart

Mobile smart store, easily relocate, quickly land in various outdoor scenes, achieve fast store opening


Innovate offline shopping experience with cashier-free checkout

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    Scan QR code/Swipe card to enter

    No need to queue for manual checkout, no need to scan barcodes for self-checkout, AI camera recognition, pay directly when leaving the store

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    Customers can take or put the products back like shop in a regular store

    Become a member as soon as you enter the store, 100% membership rate; Combined with customer full lifecycle management, carry out personalized, intelligent marketing; Integration of online and offline, achieving omnichannel sales

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    Automatic checkout when leaving

    Unmanned, easily achieve 24h business; Real-time inventory, automatically procurement based on sales

Flexibly deploy smart stores with container-style solutions

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    Rapid opening

    Support sea and land transport, support splicing multiple containers, easy installation and system tuning

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    Reduce costs

    Unmanned cashier/attendance, easily achieve 24h business, saving 80% manpower compared to traditional stores

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    Improve efficiency

    Automatic checkout, 3-5 times faster than manual,
    remote control, timely understand out-of-stock situation, precise restocking

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    Reduce theft

    AI recognition system, order accuracy rate reaches 99.9%, timely push alert messages for abnormal situations

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    Increase sales

    Big data analysis to optimize product selection and display, meet customer preferences, real-time personalized recommendations, stimulate potential shopping desire

  • "shop.box belongs to container-style automated stores, small enough, thus offering great flexibility in transportation, mobility, local deployment, easily placed in various corners of the campus."

    Robert Ladek Schwartz Group Campus Service Center Project Leader

Ready to quickly establish your own outdoor container store?
Ready to quickly establish your own outdoor container store?


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