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Smart Solutions for Unmanned Warehouse

Employees can self-serve material retrieval, with real-time inventory updates for increased efficiency in management


Advantages of the Unmanned Warehouse

  • Automated Collection

    Enter the store via facial recognition/QR codes. Collect office supplies without needing to register, reducing repetitive warehouse management tasks

  • Automated Records

    The system automatically generates records of entry, collection, and restocking, associating them with relevant personnel, minimizing human errors without any manual intervention

  • Automated Inventory

    Access real-time inventory status using IoT-enabled smart devices. Automatically trigger restocking requests when product quantities approach set thresholds, significantly enhancing management efficiency

Core Fucntions of the Unmanned Warehouse

  • Identity Recognition

    AI computer vision identifies staff entering the unmanned warehouse and verifies their authorization. Unauthorized entry or collection triggers alerts, promptly notifying warehouse managers

  • Collection Guidance

    Prior online searches can lead you to highlighted slots for easy collection, saving time in locating items

  • Real-time updates

    Supplies are readily available with real-time updates on their numbers. Automated alerts for shortages or items nearing expiration promote cost-effective digital management

Ready to explore the same unmanned warehouse solution?
Ready to explore the same unmanned warehouse solution?


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